The Alaska Wood Energy Development Task Group (AWEDTG) consists of a coalition of federal and state agencies and not-for-profit organizations that have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to explore opportunities to increase the utilization of wood for energy and biofuels production in Alaska. These organizations include: the Alaska Energy Authority; Alaska Village Initiatives; Denali Commission; Juneau Economic Development Council; National Renewable Energy Laboratory; State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry; USDA Farm Service Agency, Alaska; USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Alaska; USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station; USDA Rural Development, Alaska; USDI Bureau of Indian Affairs, Alaska; USDI Bureau of Land Management, Alaska; USDOC Economic Development Administration, Alaska; The Nature Conservancy; Tanana Chiefs Conference; Southeast Conference; Uni- versity of Alaska Fairbanks, Cooperative Extension Service; and USDA Forest Service, Alaska Region.


Committee Members

Biomass Coordinator for Southeast Conference
Alaska Energy Authority Program Contact
Alaska Village Initiatives Program Contact
Denali Commission Program Contact
Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation Program Contact
United States Department of Energy Program Contact
Alaska DNR Division of Forestry Program Contact
Renewable Energy Project Alaska, Program Contact
USDA Farm Service Agency Program Contact
USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, Program Contact
USDA Pacific Northwest Research Station, Program Contact
USDA Rural Development Program Contact
USDI Bureau of Indian Affairs Program Contact
USDI Bureau of Land Management Program Contact
USDOC Economic Development Administration, Program Contact
The Nature Conservancy Program Contact
Tanana Chiefs Conference Program Contact
Southeast Conference Program Contact
UAF Cooperative Extension Service Program Contact
UAF Alaska Center For Energy & Power Program Contact
U.S. Forest Service Program Contact
Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium